In Laval (Quebec, Canada) from January 1st to December 31st, 2014

Presented by Verticale - centre d'artistes

Eighth part: Daylight 10:54 + 15:31 - L'institution (The institution)

Eighth part: Daylight 10:54 + 15:31 - L'institution (The institution)

Daylight is a series of installations deployed in nine parts throughout 2014 in Laval. To date, it is the most extensive form that this project has taken.

In each installation, a white panel topped by “daylight” type fluorescent tubes mimics an architectural aspect of the venue. Window openings are chosen to let in as much natural light as possible. Instilling its mechanical uniformity in the changing, polymorphic setting, in various architectures more or less archetypal of the North American suburbs, the installation highlights variances in the surrounding environment.

Lit around the clock, the lamps modulate the landscape that appears through the window. A confrontation plays out between the constancy of the lighting and fluidity of the natural light, marking the passage of time within the landscape. Each intervention’s title in fact comprises the precise time at which the sun rays are perpendicular with the windows.

Urban and architectural spatial dynamics change throughout the day. A palpable tension arises between the lit panels and the window when the sunlight is at its strongest. Spectators then enter a phenomenological experience of light in which spatial bearings are lost. Come nightfall, inside the edifice, windows start reflecting the installation, thus wiping out the landscape. Outside, the artificial light, simulating daylight, illuminates the scene normally viewed through the window. 


First part: Daylight 9:33 - Le Centre (The Centre),

from January 1st midnight to February 4th 5:24 PM, at 397 Des Prairies Blvd


Second part: Daylight 9:28 + 15:40 - Le théâtre dans la grange (The theater in the barn),

from February 4th 5:25 PM to February 28th 4:12 PM, at 5475 West Saint-Martin Blvd


Third part: Daylight 17:34 - L'unifamiliale (The single-family home),

from February 28th 4:13 PM to March 16th 11:17 AM, at 6209 Des Rossignols Blvd


Fourth part: Daylight 15:56 - Le commerce (The commercial space),

from March 16th 11:18 AM to April 26th 6:05 PM, at 369 Des Laurentides Blvd


Fifth part: Daylight 13:21 - La cabane de jardin (The shed),

from April 26th 6:06 PM to June 20th 10 AM, at 585 79th avenue


Sixth part: Daylight 14:42 - L'industrie (The industry),

from June 20th 10:01 AM to August 18th 3:02 PM, at 5550, Maurice-Cullen street


Seventh part: Daylight 15:20 - La tour (The tower),

from August 18th 3:03 PM to September 17th 12:04 PM, at 639, Robert-Élie street, 15th floor


Eighth part: Daylight 10:54 + 15:31 - L'institution (The institution),

from September 17th 12:05 PM to December 19th 6:04 PM, at 125 Des Prairies Blvd


Ninth part: Daylight 9:26 - Le Centre (The Centre),

from December 19th 6:05 PM to Decembre 31st, 11:59 PM, at 397 Des Prairies Blvd